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EQ STS is a well experienced company, exclusively performing STS in Med for several major players.

The advantages of E&Q are:

  • Own tugboat fleet, own agency and multiple sets of fenders, allowing to work on short notice, avoid delays and offer extremely competitive prices
  • High safety and quality standards
  • Physical presence in the usual locations in the Med (Malta, Cyprus)
  • This is the only company, that currently can offer STS in alternative locations within international waters in Greece: OPL Lemnos (right out of Turkish straits) and OPL Kalamata (about 1.5 day steaming off Malta)
  • Both locations can be interesting for Charterers / Traders, as they can minimize freight costs and delays due to bad weather. During winter period, when OPL Malta is typically closed for STS due to bad weather, OPL Kalamata is operational almost every day. Both locations are available all year long. OPL Kalamata is a sheltered area and during winter time is protected from Northeasterly and Northwesterly winds enabling a smooth operations during this period
  • Lemnos as a location, enables flexibility of movement around the island and offers the proper shelter to undertake STS operations in most weather conditions
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